Viral Style


Viral Style: Fashionable Soccer Balls, Wallet Watches, And "Untouchable" Textiles

Viral Style 56 has all the futuristic fashion you could ever dream of.


Viral Style #68: Air Umbrellas, Gesture Rings, And The 3D Printed Grill

Viral Style #68 features smart jewelry, heat-sensitive fashion designs, and's new smart cuff.


Viral Style #67: Apocalypse Jogging Apps, Crowdsourced Clothes, And The World's First Smart Cushion

Viral Style #67 features smart glasses, posture-correcting seats, and the immersive retail displays you'll find 'em in.


Viral Style: Air-Purifying Onesies, Apple Watch Photos, And Magnetized Outfits

Viral Style #66 highlights the week's top tech-inspired fashion, plus the wearable selfie machine you'll use to show it off.


Viral Style: LED Tinkerbell Dresses and Hyperlapse Design Footage At London Fashion Week

Viral Style is back again with a special edition, this time focusing on the Fashion Week highlights from the opposite side of the Atlantic.


Viral Style: Animated Selfie Apps, Fitness Data Art, And 3D-Printed Wireless Earbuds

Viral Style #63 pinpoints a multitude of sportswear innovations that will make you look futuristic as you get buff.


Viral Style: Levitating Sound Systems, 'Parasite' Accessories, And The World's Smartest Motorcycle Helmet

Scouring dashboards across the URL world to bring you a selection of fashion tidbits in digestible weekly portions.


Viral Style: Smart Shoes, Computer Error Apparel, And A Hair Straightener That Dyes Your Hair

Viral Style #61 explores some futuristic fashion, but also includes a throwback shoutout to "The Craft." We're dynamic here.