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Copycats Are Licking More Ice Cream Cartons Thanks to That Viral Video

So can we go back to buying ice cream and feeling reasonably confident that no one else's tongue has touched it? OF COURSE NOT.


Damn, Justin Bieber Probably Eats His Burritos Like a Normal Human

That viral photo apparently showing a hoodied Bieber chomping into the middle of a burrito was a hoax perpetrated by YouTube pranksters Yes Theory.


This Video of a Republican Candidate for Senate Dancing in His Underwear Is the Future of Politics

We’re learning to care less and less about what weird shit resurfaces from political candidates’ viral video pasts.


John Oliver: Everyone Wants EPA Chief Scott Pruitt to Go Fuck Himself

Trump's most recently maligned cabinet member gets a 'Last Week Tonight' sendup.


A Brief History of the Condom Snorting Challenge

The viral condom-snorting stunt can be traced back to at least the 90s.


Why So Many Fights Break Out in Fast Food Restaurants

"When I go to a property that’s completely out of control, I find that the employees and managers are frightened."


Jeepers, Look at This Insane Sulfur Fire

Basically, Ghost Rider started it.


Dads Are Using 'Gender Reveals' to Perform Ridiculous Stunts

From skydiving to shooting explosives, videos of parents' unveiling the sex of their newborns are out of control.


Six-Year-Old Soccer Player Ariana Dos Santos Has Become a Viral Sensation

Videos of Ariana Dos Santos playing soccer and juggling the ball have gone viral, but the six-year-old from Missouri still believes, in her words, "Tricks don't do anything." She wants to do more.


Live Vicariously Through The Guy Who Spent His Birthday Getting Free Food All Over Town

Kent Yoshimura recently decided he wanted to relive the good old days when birthdays were all free Grand Slam breakfasts and gratis desserts.