Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech Athletes in Hot Water After Singing the N-Word on Camera

Members of the VT women's lacrosse team were filmed rapping some Chris Brown lyrics that they definitely should not have been rapping.
Sarah Bellman
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

No One Survives a School Shooting Without Scars

The physically uninjured need resources, too.
Lisa Hamp
Sticky Waterfalls

Losing Va. Tech Coach Gets Hit with OSU's Celebratory Gatorade Shower

Victorious Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy was just reaching out to Virginia Tech's coach Justin Fuente for the post-game handshake, when disaster struck.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Las Vegas Shooting

Survivors tell us what should be done about mass shootings

Emma Fidel
Milena Mikael-Debass

High School Football Recruit Creates CGI-Laden Superhero Movie to Announce He's Going to Duke

This is probably the most elaborate college football commitment video you've ever seen.
Joseph Flynn
belk bowl

Arkansas Player Suspended from Belk Bowl for 'Alleged Shoplifting Attempt' at Belk Store

Jeremy Sprinkle allegedly tried to take items valued in excess of the gift card all players got to spend at the Belk store.
Sean Newell

Wildlife Camera Trap Shoots Rare Footage of Naked Human

Behold, the elusive, ass-naked Homo sapien.
Sarah Emerson

Week Two of College Football: A Prime Showcase for the NCAA's Evils

It's okay to love college football, but as a fan, it's responsible to see the bad, too.
Kevin Trahan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Google and Chipotle Will Start Drone-Dropping Burritos Around Virginia Tech

The future is now.
Matthew James-Wilson
how to rebuild a basketball program

Buzz Williams Is Building Something at Virginia Tech

When Buzz Williams left Marquette to take over a bottomed-out Virginia Tech, it didn't seem to make sense. Less than two years later, it's all looking a lot clearer.
Jonathan Tjarks
Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Runner David Eisenhauer Arrested and Charged with Murder of 13-Year-Old Girl

Liam Daniel Pierce

Watch How Bubbles in Water Can Be a Powerful Cleaner

A research team led by Professor Sunghwan Jung at Virginia Tech is studying cavitation.
Mallory Locklear