We Asked People About the First Time They Had Sex and Good Lord

“Threesome with best friend. We high-fived.”
Anna Goldfarb

Losing Your Virginity to a Sex Worker Can Be Therapeutic

Paying for sex can help some men overcome their issues with intimacy.
Luke Winkle
The Up in Flames Issue

Some Swedish Doctors Are Performing Virginity Tests, Against Their Patients' Will

The tests have little scientific basis, but could save a life.
Hugo Anderholm

Why Aren't Harvard Kids Having Sex?

A survey showed that a whopping 24 percent of Harvard seniors didn't have sex in school, and not many even watch porn regularly. Why the low libidos, guys?
Allie Conti

An Angry British Virgin Was Found Guilty of Attempted Murder After Stabbing Three Women

All of his victims survived, making it easy for cops to nab the "Tomb Raider" fan.
Allie Conti

This Tinder Addict Is Also a Virgin

She started out using the ubiquitous hook-up and dating app to fuck with people for comedy's sake. Then she started actually meeting guys for brief, chaste flings. Now she'd like to tear herself away, but she fears a relapse.
Justin Caffier
the vice reader

Summer Reading List: Zombie Hordes, Snuff Films, Haunted Computers

The hot flesh of summer is here, and the last thing I want to do when I’m living in the thick of it is read about it. If you feel the same, here are three short books that will make you feel strange in the sun.
Blake Butler

Italian Porn Star Rocco Siffredi Has Given Up Sex for the World Cup

He considers Italy's 2006 victory the best orgasm he's ever had.
Shawn Binder

I Went to a Promise Ring Show and Took an Abstinence Pledge

Groups all across America are still trying to persuade teenagers to choose abstinence over safe sex. For some in the Bible Belt, it's working.
Harmon Leon

The Week In GIFs

Sup, dawg? I'll tell you sup: The Week In GIFs. GIF OR DIE, DAWG!!!
Rocco Castoro

I Went to See My Friend Lose His Virginity in Public

Remember Clayton Pettet? The 19-year-old who, six months ago, said he was going to publicly lose his virginity in the name of art? His virginity was one of the most in-demand ever. He sifted through 10,000 applications to whittle the audience down to...
Dan Wilkinson

Sci-Fi Doesn't Have to Be Dominated by Horny Bro Wizards

In a genre where supposedly Anything Goes, where the boundaries of narrative and potential reality are not only immaterial, but also intended to be shattered with pure acts of what-the-fuck, I’ve always been baffled by how 90 percent of science fiction...
Blake Butler