Virtual Gallery


[Premiere] Jeremy McKeehen's Vision of a Transhuman Future

Neon animatronic limbs cover the 14th issue of FELT Zine.


[Premiere] A Digital Living Space Predicts the Home of the Future

The Creators Project’s weekly release of the internet’s hottest virtual zine.


A World's Fair—for Digital Art—Opens Tonight

The concept of the digital gallery becomes a must-see event in Kadeem Fletcher's Digital Madrid.


Trip Inside H.R. Giger's World in VR

The late, great Swiss painter’s works get the virtual reality treatment.


Get Lost in a Neo-Neoclassical Visual Journey

Katie Torn filled an online art gallery with still-life-inspired eye-candy.


Enter LaTurbo Avedon's Video Game Nightclub

With 'Save 02,' the digital artist invites you deep inside the virtual world of Club Rothko.


Find Missing Masterpieces Inside the Museum of Stolen Art

“If you come across any of these pieces outside of a museum please report immediately to the International Police."


Travel Around a Flooded Utopian London in This Open World Video Game

Lawrence Lek's "Sky Line" turns London into a digital world where you get to command your own subway system.


3D-Printed Wire Sculptures Transform Shadows Into Stories

German artist Moto Waganari's 3D-printed wire sculptures become bent & twisted shadow puppets using the "Real Virtuality" online tool.


No Sense Of Scale Is Necessary In Morphological Film "New Nosthetics"

Eva Papamargariti's "New Nosthetics" takes the viewer on a surreal trip through what could be Dali's digitized psyche.


Virtual Art Gallery "Panther" Lets You Explore New Exhibitions From Home

New media artist, LaTurbo Avedon created a digital gallery, and we talked to Aoto Oouchi, the first artist to exhibit in the online space.


A New Virtual Gallery Platform Launches... But Will It Have Longevity?

Dot Dash 3 provides an environment where art lovers can view and purchase art—but is it what they want?