virtual space


Stunning Photos That Show the Intimacy of Undressing

Photographer Alex Thebez's two series here, "A Handful of Unfulfilled Wishes" and "Undressed," both address the ambiguity and fluidity of our identities, on the internet and off of it.


Open the Door to Immortality Inside a Mystical Virtual Experience

Artists at Superficial Studio invite you virtual rooms containing the elixirs of endless life and absolute knowledge


Your Tweets Now Have an Afterlife in 'Tweet Heaven'

All hashtags go to heaven.


Enter LaTurbo Avedon's Video Game Nightclub

With 'Save 02,' the digital artist invites you deep inside the virtual world of Club Rothko.


Travel Around a Flooded Utopian London in This Open World Video Game

Lawrence Lek's "Sky Line" turns London into a digital world where you get to command your own subway system.


Watch A 94-Camera Rig 3D Scan A Human Into Virtual Reality

Marshmallow Laser Feast, in collaboration with Analog, have recreated a 16k photorealistic-textured human recreation for the new music video for Duologue's "MEMEX."


Good Luck Escaping These Immersive CGI Vistas

Dive into the large format organic-mechanical worlds of Dutch artist Martijn Hage.


Code-Driven Creatures Occupy This 'Algorithmic Menagerie'

Raven Kwok's projection mapped artwork is filled with morphing spheres, evolving creatures, and mind-bending virtual illusions.