visual art


This Photographer Tells Her Parents' Story Through the Things They Left Behind

Through her Guyanese mother's clothes and father's old passport photos, Keisha Scarville finds herself.


A Sylvia Plath Retrospective Finally Puts Her Visual Art on Display

Little known fact: Plath was an art major before she switched to English.


This Animal Art Museum Is Like an Art History Zoo

Visiting Yellowstone? Swing by the National Museum of Wildlife Art in nearby Jackson Hole, WY.


An Installation Artist Overhauls Rooms to Explore Our Neuroses

Artist Sarah Hobbs links living spaces to mental health in her immersive installations.


Apples and Ballons Are Like Paper for This Poet Laureate

Redmond Poet Laureate Shin Yu Pai is changing the way we experience poetry.


A Designer’s Calming Illustrations of Daily Life’s Small Pleasures

Designer Jennifer Bouron marries digital prowess with a penchant for handmade craftsmanship.


[Premiere] A Haunting Music Video Visualizes the Trauma of Loss

Amani’s candid and haunting new music video “Feathers Falling” visualizes an abstracted version of the musician’s body made by visual artist Redhoot.


The Guy Who Designed Minimalist Movie Posters Every Day For a Year Finally Finished

Pete Majarich caps off his year-long project to create a remixed movie poster every day with a packed video.


"Fatherless" Collective Seeks Truth in an Alternative Facts Exhibit

The group showcases their own version of today’s information overload.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Staying an Artist While Having a Baby

Virginia artist Sarah Irvin provides a practical reproduction and childcare model for the studio aesthete.


Meet the Artist Animating the Kaleidoscopic Beauty of Quantum Physics

Markos Kay's new short film features CERN-approved subatomic visualizations.


Comic Books Mingle with Old Hollywood Glamor in Pop Overlays

Timeless film posters and comic books meet to begin a beautiful friendship.