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What Does Wladimir Klitschko’s First Professional Loss Say About His Fight With Anthony Joshua?

When Klitschko fought Ross Puritty in Kiev in the winter of 1998, he was a young heavyweight and bookies’ favourite coming up against an ageing pro. Remind you of anyone?


Vitali Klitschko Named “Eternal World Heavyweight Champion” by the WBC

Vitali Klitschko being crowned the “Eternal World Heavyweight Champion” by the WBC is problematic for boxing and the Internet agrees.


Leaders of the World, Unite! - Inside the World Economic Forum

Every year the world's elite gather in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum's annual meeting. VICE News traveled to the conference to try and understand what really happens at the exclusive gathering.


Kiev's Heavyweight Boxing Champ Mayor Wants to Knock Out Corruption in Ukraine

Kiev's Mayor Vitali Klitschko described the fight against corruption as an "illusion," and called on the country's general prosecutor to jail more offenders.


Kiev Protesters Have Invaded Parliament

Police are abandoning their positions as the opposition has taken control in Ukraine's capital.


Raw Video Shows Kiev Carnage as Ceasefire Collapses

Shortly after a tenuous truce was reached, deaths mounted amid renewed fighting between protesters and the police.


The Fighting in Ukraine Has Cooled, But Tempers Have Not

An uneasy ceasefire between protesters and police has temporarily put a halt to fighting that killed as many as five protesters this week.


Ukraine Protests Turn Deadly As Opposition Threatens To "Attack"

At least three protesters died Wednesday in clashes with police, while opposition leaders issued an ultimatum that elections be held.


A Chat with Our UK News Editor in Kiev

The mood in the streets of Kiev is one of uncertainty. Is revolution coming, or will the notorious Soviet winter, possibly with some help from government muscle, quash the hopes of EU-loving protesters?