vito rizzuto

    • 6.2.16

      Montreal's Bloody Mafia War Won't End

      Since mafia don Vito Rizzuto went to jail, things in Montreal's once-mighty criminal underworld have gone to hell. Assassinations by sniper, brazen day-light murders, and massive police busts have kneecapped the Italian mob. But it's not dead yet.

    • 7.27.15

      With the Sicilian Mafia in Decline, Who Is Running the Mob in Montreal?

      Longtime kingpin Vito Rizzuto died in 2013, but no single group has stepped in to fill that power vacuum—yet.

    • 1.2.14

      Montreal Mob Boss Vito Rizzuto Is Dead

      Vito Rizzuto was the kind of Mafioso that you only saw in the movies: a sober, cool-headed, respected, circumspect kind of criminal who is thought to have controlled much of the illegal narcotics trade in North America. As the (sometimes) undisputed...