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Throwback Thursday

Remembering The Series That Broke The Sacramento Kings

Were the Kings cheated out of a win in the '01-02 Western Conference Finals? Maybe. But the loss undeniably echoes in the organization today.
David Roth
Buddy Hield

Is Buddy Hield Actually Good?

Buddy Hield has come alive since being traded to Sacramento. Can he make it last?
Michael Pina
DeMarcus Cousins

Video-Game Kings GM Rejects the Deal the Actual Kings Accepted for DeMarcus Cousins

The algorithms operating 2K Sports' NBA 2K17 video game prevent you from pulling off the DeMarcus Cousins deal.
Dave Brown

Can the Sacramento Kings Finally Find Some Dignity Under Dave Joerger?

The Kings new coach is preaching defense as the means to salvation. But the road to respectability is going to be very, very long.
Blake Gillespie

Sim Bhullar Is Freaking Huge and Determined to Return to the NBA

At 7-foot-5 and nearly 400 pounds, Sim Bhullar was hard to miss. After a brief cameo with the Kings last year, the NBA's first Indian player is determined to get in shape and get back to the league.
Tim Casey
Sacramento Kings

What in the World is Going On With the Sacramento Kings?

the Sacramento Kings are doing something. What that exactly is, is anyone's guess.
Sean Newell

The Sacramento Kings Do It To Themselves

The Sacramento Kings have been down for a long time, for various reasons. In their epic mishandling of superstar Demarcus Cousins, they're showing all of them.
Patrick Redford

DeMarcus Cousins, George Karl, and the Crisis of the Sacramento Kings

The Kings want George Karl to be their new head coach. DeMarcus Cousins doesn't want that to happen. Whatever the Kings do next is a game of crisis control.
Colin McGowan

Who Disrupts the Disruptors? How the Kings Screwed Themselves

Thanks to a tech-minded owner, the Kings have fired their head coach in the name of mirroring the myopia of Silicon Valley.
Patrick Redford
Sacramento Kings

The Untapped Potential of D-League Indian Giant Sim Bhullar

He could help the NBA grow in India, but the 350-pound, 7'6 center is also an intriguing player.
Howard Megdal