Vladimir Guerrero Jr


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Not Being on the Blue Jays Is Complete BS

The rules give Toronto incentive to keep him down, but it's a disservice to both the player and fans that baseball's top prospect isn't in the majors.
Drew Fairservice

Baseball Has Never Seen a Prospect Like Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.

The Blue Jays' 19-year-old prodigy is the perfect storm of social media access, nostalgia, and baseball skill. He's an unprecedented star in the making.
Drew Fairservice

Blue Jays Mailbag: Baseball Bloodlines, Osuna's Salary, the Future in CF

Do bloodlines inflate a prospect's value, is Pillar the answer in center field, and does Toronto need more speed? Andrew Stoeten answers those questions and more.
Andrew Stoeten

The Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Show Has Begun

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. came out of his first weekend of pro ball proving why he's worthy of the hype. But despite being the richest, youngest, biggest and most prominent player on the team, he meshes nicely into his new workplace culture.
John Lott
Blue Jays

The Legend of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Keeps Growing

At 17 years old with off-the-charts power, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a potential superstar in the making. Just like his father.
John Lott

The Blue Jays Signed Vladimir Guerrero's Son

The Toronto Blue Jays signed coveted 16-year-old international prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Chris Toman

How a Suburban White Kid Came to Work at Vlad Guerrero's Dominican Academy

The story of a teenage autograph collector who befriended Vladimir Guerrero and wound up with a career in baseball.
Jorge Arangure Jr.