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Life Is Strange

The Voice Actors Strike Over, Ashly Burch Is Returning to 'Life is Strange'

Burch will reprise her role as Chloe Price for a final episode called "Farewell."
Patrick Klepek

Gaming Voice Actors Reach Tentative Agreement to End Strike

If the agreement is passed, it means more bonuses, additional money, and needed transparency about secret projects.
Patrick Klepek

The Video Game Voice Actor Strike Claims a Beloved Character's Voice

Ashly Burch will not be able to reprise her role as Chloe in 'Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.'
Emanuel Maiberg

The Ongoing Voice Actor's Strike Is More Than Just a Little Drama

Reporter Ian Williams digs into the intricacies of the 2016 SAG-AFTRA strike, and offers a look ahead at what's to come.
Ian Williams
Final Fantasy XV

Voicing A 'Final Fantasy XV' Character Is A Strange Journey

It's hard to create a memorable character when you get the script on the way to the recording booth.
Dawn Saas

The Voice Actor Strike Is a Powder Keg for Video Game Industry Labor Issues

"We can’t reward one set of people and not take into account 99 percent of other people who don’t have that kind of that compensation. It’s not fair to the vast majority."
Emanuel Maiberg
6 Days to Cert

Video Game Voice Actors Crunch Too

Emanuel Maiberg

H. Jon Benjamin Voices His Thoughts on Funny Voices in 2015

The voice behind the titular characters on Archer and Bob's Burgers talked to VICE about some of his favorite stuff from 2015, as well as what he thinks the funniest thing he did this year was.
Zach Sokol

96 Percent of Video Game Voice Actors Want the Power to Strike

They want bonuses if games do well, better conditions, and "stunt pay."
Emanuel Maiberg
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Production of Your Next Favorite Video Game Could Be Disrupted by a Voice Actors Strike

The performers behind the characters you love to play as are demanding a better deal for their essential work.
Mike Diver