Volleyball Coach Rick Butler Facing Class-Action Lawsuit Over Sex Abuse

Butler allegedly sexually abused at least six underage teenage girls "hundreds" of times.


A Skydiving Santa Came to Town and Crash-Landed on a Florida Beach

And a crowd of horrified onlookers caught the whole thing on camera.


College Volleyball Announcer Really Wanted to Make This 9-11 Joke, Apparently

It was so bad she actually had to explain the joke.


Volleyball is Good for Putting Out Fires

Playing in the sand keeps firefighter Aurora Skarra-Gallagher's body ready for emergencies.


Dreaming In Context With USA Basketball: David Roth's Weak In Review

The U.S. has done a great deal of winning since it started sending dream teams of NBA stars to the Olympics. The fun of the team in Rio isn't the winning, it's the work.


Farewell To Cuba's Beach Volleyball Aces, The Least Nervous Athletes In Rio

A salute to Nivaldo Nadhir Diaz Gomez and Sergio Reynaldo Gonzalez Bayard, surprising beach volleyball upstarts and genuinely weird athletes.


The U.S. Men's Volleyball Team Has a Coach for the Mind

To keep their minds healthy, the U.S. men's volleyball team relies on Andrea Becker, a sports psychologist and former standout softball player.


We Sat With An Iranian Protestor As She Fought to Display Her Banner at the Olympics

On Saturday, Darya Safai was hassled about her banner calling for equal rights for Iranian women at sports stadiums. On Monday, she and security officials reached a compromise.


Iran's Stadium Ban on Women Puts the FIVB in a Precarious Position

The International Volleyball Federation must either sanction one of the best volleyball teams in the world for a political and human rights issue, or continue to allow the status quo in Iran. Recent events suggest the FIVB has made its choice.


FIVB's Shameful Silence on Volleyball in Iran

Iran has banned women from attending men's volleyball matches since 2012, yet the International Volleyball Federation still awards the country with the privilege of hosting its events. Now Human Rights Watch is demanding change.


At Least 9 Killed in Bombing at Volleyball Match in Afghanistan

Nearly a year after a suicide bomber killed at least 57 people at a volleyball match in Paktika, Afghanistan, a match in the province was the target of another bombing.