Volume 0 Issue new-york-city

    • 11.29.01

      Eating in Manhattan

      This is the crown jewel of all five boroughs. Those who tell you different are wrong. Most of the city is laid out on a grid of very straight streets that have been assigned numbers as names. Sadly enough, most of the numbered straight streets are more...

    • 11.29.01

      Eating in the Bronx and Staten Island

      There's a zoo here. The Yankees. The Botanical Garden. And a street called Arthur Avenue where you could spend a wonderful afternoon eating Italian food or shopping to make a meal somewhere.

    • 1.1.00

      A Brief History of Brooklyn Curiosities

      Since at least 1971, but possibly as early as 1967, Brooklyn has had a native monk-parrot population. Most expert ornithological sources agree the parrots most likely flew the coop upon landing at JFK while en route to a Manhattan pet shop. When the...

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    • 1.1.00

      Jeff Jensen Has Lived in Williamsburg Forever

      Jeff Jensen isn’t the original Williamsburg goon, but he’s been living in the neighborhood for so long that just thinking about it is giving us beards. Unlike 95 percent of the 35-and-under population, Jeff’s been kicking around the area since the 90s...

    • 1.1.00

      Nosh Yourself to Nirvana

      If you don't eat, you don't shit, and if you don't shit, you die. And if you die who knows what'll happen? Some say you'll come back again but in a different incarnation, like the form of a fish or a chicken. Others think that when you die you just die...

    • 1.1.00

      Brooklyn Watering Holes

      Myself and esteemed lensman Sterling Caraway were given the task of reviewing Brooklyn’s watering holes. We decided it would be impossible to review them all, so we made a list of our absolute favorites and set off on bicycles to have a drink at each...

    • 1.1.00

      Kings Highway to Hell

      Recently, I spent a Sunday afternoon on a quest of sexual perversion and depravity at the Kings Highway Cinema, a place so disgusting it may have changed my fundamental views on sex forever.

    • 1.1.00

      Brooklyn Butchers

      Maybe you've noticed that everybody is really into eating pig flesh again. Lamb, too. Also duck, elk, quail, and even bunny. This stuff is all over new menus in Brooklyn right now.

    • 1.1.00

      The Most Interesting Homes I Could Find In Brooklyn

      If you're new to Brooklyn you might assume that it's an overpriced ex-industrial wasteland that a whole bunch of grimy bars sprung out of, all of them blasting "Children of the Grave" to the point where you are no longer aware it's playing.