Volume 14 Issue 5


Housemates From Hell

Mastodon are four guys from Atlanta who play technically impressive, brutal metal that sounds like it comes from the depths of somewhere very, very deep. They were in Australia recently when we discovered that our friend and exceptional jewellery...


It Happened

Picture this: A quiet Los Angeles street. Two lightweight white kids are stumbling home, semi-drunk, from an ironic trip to a local strip club. Suddenly, fate intervenes in the form of a pair of young street toughs carrying a gun and a screwdriver


Beyond The Call

Spider Vomit have a great band name, get around in matching tie dye and have a tendency to take too much acid. They’re also one of the strangest, most exciting bands to pop out of Melbourne in recent months. With the approach of their first release we



Sometimes a girl will get so lonely and sad she'll hook up with her gay friend and they'll have a buddy version of a mercy fuck. Then she'll send his penis this the next day.


Xanax For The Soul

Whatever you do, don’t call Asobi Seksu “nu-gaze”. They get really funny about it. I mean, they do openly admit to being part of the new wave of shoegaze bands, which is kind of what nu-gaze means. Well, whatever. No one ever wants to be part of a...


Do It!

We're just back from Jamaica where VBS filmed a massive dancehall documentary. We spoke to literally everyone. On the first day we met Sizzla in his fortified compound called Judgement Yard, where he lives with about forty guys that just spend all day...


Brute Force

731 are a band of grind enthusiasts from Melbourne who are into giving themselves elaborate names. There’s Grind Fed Bathory Hen on vocals, Extraordinary G on guitar, I Quit on drums and Vegan Straight Edge on bass. They’re not like your average...


Vice Fashion - Tokyo Undressed

Photos and styling by Rikki Kasso


A Full Pouch Of The Night's Urine

Clockcleaner play music in the great Scratch Acid tradition of not giving a fuck about the listener. It’s a feedback-heavy, midtempo march from start to finish, with little to no regard shown for conventional-song-structure silliness like having a...


Wanna Cyber?

Along with hovercars, hoverboards, and robot slaves, video-chatting is one of the four harbingers of the Future, as foretold in basically every sci-fi book or movie ever made. So far it's the only one we've figured out, and, honestly, it's kind of a...


Southern Roulette

Deerhunter are from Atlanta and are good friends with people like Black Lips. They make really clever, druggy garage rock that stands out from all the gay White Stripes tribute bands that are still knocking around everywhere. Can you believe people...


Vice Fashion - Girls Of The Squats

Photos by Gavin WatsonStyling by Aldene JohnsonPaying rent is a pain in the neck, but paying rent in London is like