Volume 15 Issue 10

    • 5.9.13

      Interview with a Guy Who Puked on Hollywood Stars

      "Why did you do this?" "I was in LA, and I just figured why not. It’s all people I have a fairly large problem with." "Is it real puke?" "Yes. I tried to eat different gross combos of food, like for Wesley Snipes, I ate Doritos and milk."

    • 5.6.13

      An Interview with a Mexican Coke Dealer

      Julián is a coke dealer. He’s 44. He’s been working Mexico City for two decades. He agreed to take us on a ride-along as he worked. The phone never stopped ringing, not for a minute.

    • 10.3.08

      An Interview with a Schizophrenic

      My friend Phiiliip (yeah, spelled like that) is schizophrenic. He didn't used to be, but he is now. It can happen to you too.

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    • 10.2.08

      Mike Leigh

      I’ve been watching Mike Leigh’s movies for almost 20 years and every time I see a new one I have a fantasy conversation with him afterward.

    • 10.2.08

      The Detective Who Busted Two Old Ladies...

      This year, in Los Angeles, two senior citizens, Helen Golay, 77, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, were convicted of murder. They were both sentenced to consecutive life terms.

    • 10.2.08

      An Ex-Bullfighter

      A bull named Terciopelo [Velvet] gored the Colombian bullfighter Álvaro Múnera, aka “El Pilarico,” in 1984, confining him to a wheelchair for life.

    • 10.2.08

      Lynda Barry

      If you were ever a weird kid or a sad kid, you have to read Lynda Barry’s comics and novels immediately because they will freak you out with how much you’ll relate.

    • 10.2.08

      Joss Whedon

      Fuck it. It's time to come out of the closet. We were/are total nerds for Joss Whedon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • 10.2.08

      Two Mexican Windshield Washers

      Everyone hates fucking windshield washers. Except us. We think they are just the cutest little pariahs we ever did see. Or at least we did until we hung out with a couple of them.