Volume 16 Issue 11

    • 11.2.09

      The Warlord Of The Highway

      Matiullah Khan is the head of the Highway Police, a government agency that was officially dissolved several years ago by Dutch forces in the Uruzgan province of southern Afghanistan.

    • 11.2.09

      The Fog Of Analog

      When I saw Harmony Korine’s newest film, Trash Humpers during the New York Film Festival, the theater smelled like farts and stinky feet.

    • 11.2.09

      Totalitarian Pleasantries

      Li’s a Buddhist monk from Taiwan who has undertaken the task of building orphanages in each of Africa’s 53 bedeviled countries.

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    • 11.2.09

      Parliamentary Exorcism

      We saw photos of a bloodstained pillar overlooking Parliament House in Australia’s capital city and heard associated rumours of satanic rituals and animal sacrifices being performed by members of a large Wiccan population.

    • 11.2.09

      Street Poll

      Have you ever had a near-death experience?

    • 11.2.09

      Apocalypse Porn

      Vernon Chatman, from the doomed and beautiful comedic television program Wonder Showzen, has a new thing coming out on DVD this month, called Final Flesh.

    • 11.2.09

      Follow The Gps, Ése

      Over the past two decades, Ricardo Dominguez has been utilizing electronics and the internet to piss off just about every high-level administrative authority in the US.

    • 11.2.09

      A Postcard From Wales

      The small South Wales city of Swansea is in the grip of a heroin epidemic. How do I know? Well, I’ve been living with a group of young Welsh heroin addicts, on and off, for the last three months.

    • 11.2.09

      Don’t Say Cheese

      Thomas Ruff has his roots in the type of sterile, objective photography that loves water towers, silos, and other vertical piles of industrial cement that somehow became a big part of German photography’s legacy.