Volume 17 Issue 2

    • 2.3.10

      Meow Meow Meow

      Cat cafes are huge in Japan right now. As the name suggests, these are coffee shops where cat lovers go to sip overpriced lattes and hang out with an adorable smoosh pile of kitties.

    • 2.3.10

      Jacob Holdt Is Not a Hippie

      Jacob Holdt's book American Pictures did as much to revolutionize documentary photography as it did to paint an entirely new image of the country in the 70s.

    • 2.2.10

      Thc & A

      Photos by Richard Kern

    • 2.2.10

      A Holiday Ends In Cambodia

      The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) is undertaking a unique experiment in putting the country's most murderous masochists on the stand. More than 30 years after the start of its reign, the Khmer Rouge is getting its day in court.

    • 2.2.10

      Sex & Drugs & Vbs

      To keep you updated on the wonderful new material coming out on VBS.TV, here are Q&As with Richard Kern and Andy Capper, who are respectively responsible for two of next month's gems on the channel, Shot by Kern Europe and Swansea Love Story.

    • 2.1.10


      In 1983, three boys from Lindsfield, New Jersey, named Anthony Bazzo, Joey Roach, and Chris "Lil'Chris" Thames formed the postpunk band Fuck Me in My Condo. Their path to success included huge crests and valleys, but thankfully they all lived to tell...

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    • 2.1.10

      Pissing In The Wind

      Once upon a time, English punk meant violence, passion, political engagement and an old-fashioned approach to personal hygiene. It did not mean the guy from the Automatic, his iPhone app tie-in deal and the Krazy Tent Tour sponsored by Monster (or...

    • 2.1.10

      This Place Is a Zoo

      I had the honor of being invited to the Rosaires' compound to discuss the downfall of the circus industry.

    • 2.1.10

      Ode on a Grecian Pile of Crap

      A brisk walk along Dionysiou Areopagitou and Panathinea streets, just ten minutes from the Acropolis, brings you to probably the crummiest neighborhood in all of Athens, Greece.