Volume 19 Issue 1


It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

Photos by Francesco Nazardo, stylist: Ian Bradley.


No Warning 6: The Unfair Advantage

If you're going to watch only one hardcore, anal-raping, lesbian-wrestling porno this year, make it "No Warning 6." The hardcore is harder! The anal is more anally!


The Last Exorcist

In his book, Don claims "the devil himself, speaking through a possessed woman, threatened to disembowel me in my sleep."


A Few from ‘Stories’

Photographer Jacob Aue Sobol transforms everyday interactions into moody compositions that make everything he shoots look like a snapshot from some harrowing WWII tale.


If You Build It, They Will Cum

The Impropriety Society's parties started as theatrical sex-themed fund-raising events, but as they evolved, actual fucking came to the fore providing a place for a variety of kinky persuasions.


Topological Matter in Optical Lattices

This month's Learnin' Corner is an explanation of topological matter in optical lattices by University of Pittsburgh associate professor of physics W. Vincent Liu.


Three Chapters from The Loom of Ruin

It's with great pride that we present to you three chapters from Sam McPheeters' first novel about a gas-station owner named Trang Yang, who has a fondness for violence.


Hello Again, Asshole

Fucking Medicine Man. Fucking dumb old hippie buzzard! Telling me shit I could have told myself 100 times.


Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

"Revelations" is a decrepit continuation of a once-captivating franchise, which is appropriate given that it's about the aging of its two protagonists, Ezio and Altaïr.


Il-Sung Songs

Photos by Ben Ritter, Stylist: Annette Lamothe-Ramos


Peeling Oniontown

There are certain places that seem forsaken. Afghanistan is one. Another lies outside the bucolic little Hudson Valley hamlet of Dover Plains. It's a place called Oniontown.


Biking Booth’s Escape Route

After slaying Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth spent 12 days on the lam in a strange and tragic odyssey. To ever truly understand him, I'd have to literally retrace his footsteps.