Volume 22 Issue 7

The Photo Issue 2015

Two Dogs, a Cat, and a Magpie Named Domino

Alex Sturrock photographed Dave, who lives with a non-traditional assortment of pets in Wood Green, North London.
Alex Sturrock
The Photo Issue 2015

Portraits of 'Common People' in the UK

Chris Shaw spent three years photographing life on a housing estate in the south of England.
Chris Shaw
The Photo Issue 2015

Portraits of the Paradoxical Chechen Republic

Photographer Olga Kravets documents modern life in Chechyna, a federal state of Russia, where Turkish-built skyscrapers tower over citizens and the government tortures young men if they show any sign of dissent.
Olga Kravets
The Photo Issue 2015

Photos of Bronx Men Demonstrating How the Cops Arrested Them

They shared their stories of interactions with the NYPD with photographer Dru Donovan.
Dru Donovan

Portraits of Blind Children in Rural China

Photographer Lijie Zhang documents the plight of blind students in China so that more is done to improve their situation.
Lijie Zhang
The Photo Issue 2015

The Missing Monarch

Magnum photographer Rose Marie Cromwell went looking for King Bhumibol, Thailand's ill and missing monarch, and found him everywhere in the Thai consciousness.
Rose Marie Cromwell

These Photos of Ruined Houses in Gaza Show the Grim Consequences of War

Images from Al Zana.
Grey Hutton
The Photo Issue 2015

Occupied Pleasures

These photos show the little nuggets of happiness and light that Palestinians experience while living under the harsh conditions of occupation in the West Bank.
Tanya Habjouqa
The Photo Issue 2015

Photos of Poverty and Addiction in South Africa

Lindokuhle Sobekwa and Mikhael Subotzky take photos of a world few have access to.
Lindokuhle Sobekwa and Mikhael Subotzky
The Photo Issue 2015

Photos of the Most Vulnerable People in Bangladesh

Dhaka's pavement dwellers have few means to survive in a political, social, and economic environment that virtually ignores them.
Shehab Uddin
The Photo Issue 2015

After the Killing Fields: America's Cambodian Diaspora

Magnum photographer Pete Pin documents Cambodian refugees who've settled in America, primarily in communities struggling with poverty and inner-city violence.
Pete Pin
The Photo Issue 2015

Photos of the Sanctuary Home Provides

Peter van Agtmael took these heartfelt photos years into a project that had taken him to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Peter van Agtmael