Important Questions Raised By...

Some Questions for the Guy Who DJed Outside the Houses of Parliament

He appeared on Tuesday night, after the Brexit 'meaningful vote' result, spinning a special political set.
Patrick Heardman

Here’s Why All the Voting Machines Are Broken and the Lines Are Extremely Long

Voting machines are breaking down across the country and America’s voting technology is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.
Jason Koebler
Matthew Gault

Broadly Is Up for Some Big Awards! Help Us Bring 'Em Home

Please click a thing and bring us joy.
Diana Tourjée

The Woman Who Started #WakandaTheVote to Register Voters at 'Black Panther' Screenings

Activist and organizer Kayla Reed shares how she and her co-organizers Jessica Byrd and Rukia Lumumba started a massive voter registration campaign in over 100 cities.
Linda Yang
sex work

Controversial Online Trafficking Bill Will Endanger Sex Workers, Advocates Say

The House is set to vote on the "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" (FOSTA) bill today. Critics warn it could actually censor victims of trafficking and endanger the lives and livelihoods of sex workers.
Kimberly Lawson
Power to the Polls

Last Year We Marched. This Year We Vote

This weekend, the Women's March launches their "Power to the Polls" initiative, kicking off a national voter registration and mobilization tour that targets swing states and aims to put more progressive politicians in office.
Leila Ettachfini
net neutrality

The End of Net Neutrality Means ISPs Could Crack Down on Cryptocurrencies

Experts worry that net neutrality repeals could affect everyone's favorite magic internet money.
Jordan Pearson

How Catalonia's Fight for Independence Is Impacting Local Restaurants

"Already, reservations are down and cancellations are up across the region."
Lisa Abend
Rise Up

With Obamacare Safe for Now, Local Activists Push for Medicare-for-All

For many activists, there's no time to waste on unresponsive elected officials when it comes to the nation's health care future.
Emily Weitz

It's On: George Lucas's Billion-Dollar Movie Museum

The LA City Council approved designs for the project in a unanimous vote on Tuesday.
Nathaniel Ainley
Webby Awards 2017

Vote for Noisey to Win Some Webbys and Help Us Defeat Our Enemies

We’re up for Best Music Channel and Best Social Writing.
Noisey Staff

Please Vote for Us in Support of Our Video of a Giant Lesbian Pool Party

It's obviously for a good cause!
Broadly Staff