voter id laws

voting laws

Texas’ latest discriminatory voter ID law just got thrown out

Carter Sherman
voting laws

Republicans are using fake voter fraud to crush voting rights

Carter Sherman
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

San Bernardino school shooter identified, Trump on course to exceed Obama's total travel expenses in his first year, Uzbek national admits to terrorist attack in Sweden, and more.
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voter id laws

Federal court reaffirms Texas intentionally discriminated with voter ID law

Carter Sherman
black history

That Time White People Burned and Pillaged a Black Community on Election Day

The 1920 massacre in Ocoee, Florida, involved whites lynching, castrating, and removing hundreds of blacks from their land in retaliation for them trying to exercise their right to vote.
Deborah Douglas
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Who decides how you vote? Inside the North Carolina's voting rights battle

Jay Caspian Kang

Court of appeals strikes down North Carolina voter ID law, citing "racially discriminatory intent"

The ruling follows a similar circuit court decision last week that struck down a voter ID law in Texas.
Adam Hamze

A new ruling on voter ID laws could affect the 2016 presidential race

33 states have voter identification laws on their books. One of them was just struck down by the one of the most conservative federal appeals courts. Similar laws could be next.
Brendan James

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Ted Cruz was booed off stage at the Republican convention for failing to endorse Donald Trump, a newly released video shows a North Miami police officer shooting a black man who was caring for his autistic patient, and more.
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Voter ID Laws Result in Fewer Non-White People Voting and Favor Republicans, Says Study

The authors of the study say that critics of the controversial laws are right: Requiring voters to show photo ID before casting ballots tilts election results rightward.
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