voting rights


Another Day, Another Plan from Elizabeth Warren

Her policy-paper factory churned out another one, to tackle voter suppression
Rex Santus
voting rights

Here’s Beto’s Big Plan to Overhaul Our Election Laws

The Texas Democrat is going after gerrymandering to “ensure the makeup of districts reflects the preferences of voters statewide.”
Rex Santus
2020 census

GOP Strategist Wanted Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census to Benefit White People

He conducted a 2015 study that found adding the question "would be advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.”
Alex Lubben
voting rights

The Texas Official Who Threatened to Purge Thousands of Legal Voters Is Gone

Thousands of naturalized citizens were told to prove their citizenship or lose their registration.
Emma Ockerman
voting rights

Advocates fear incoming Florida governor is trying to slow voting rights initiative

Amendment 4 is supposed to take effect January 8, restoring voting rights to nearly 1.5 million Floridians. But the initiative isn’t necessarily guaranteed — at least right away.​
Emma Ockerman
she's running

Watch these first-time female candidates find out if they won on Election Night

In the fourth episode of "She's Running," see what it was like to win and lose on Tuesday.
Criminal Justice

Florida Is About to Find Out What Happens When Ex-Prisoners Vote

A million or more new voters could be eligible for 2020 thanks to a ballot initiative reversing Jim Crow-era policy.
Jennifer Rae Taylor

A guide to all the Election Day voting problems

Long lines, technical problems, and voter ID laws prevented some voters from casting ballots.
Tess Owen
Emma Ockerman

Florida could restore voting rights to 1.4 million convicted felons

Florida one of three states that bans felons from voting. That could change on Election Day.
Alexandra Jaffe
Simone Perez

Convicted Felons on What They Want You to Know About the Midterms

"Blocked From the Ballot" gives intimate testimony and context on how convicted felons in Florida (and beyond) have long been barred from voting. Tomorrow's vote could change that—and how broader enfranchisement impacts the US as a whole.
Aundre Larrow

The Race to Win All Races

Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson has a plan to save democracy. Will she and her fellow Democratic secretary of state candidates get there in time?
Ellie Shechet
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Eric Holder on the bomb threats: "It is a sign of the times"

“I think history will show that the Shelby County decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act is probably one of the worst decisions that any Supreme Court has ever rendered.”
Antonia Hylton