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Remembering Things

Remembering 'Original Pirate Material' With Original Fans of The Streets

I went to Mike Skinner's recent comeback shows with one mission: chatting to all the heads about the importance of his debut album.
Tom Usher
taylor swift

We Asked Some Goths What They Think of Taylor Swift Going Goth

"I literally despise her and want her to disappear off the face of the Earth."
Ruchira Sharma
we asked people

We Talked to the Fans Who Waited Hours in the Rain to See Lana Del Rey

Some chats with the diehards who stood in line in London for hours to see their number one.
Noisey UK Staff

Do Any of the Photos on Your Phone Have Artistic Value?

We wondered if there aren't some hidden gems in that avalanche of narcissism you call the camera roll.
Thomas Pedroli, Photos by Kas van Vliet
festivals 2016

The Vans of Falls Festival 2016

We headed to the Falls Festival in Australia to talk to people about their festival vans.
Jamie Edward
Festivals 2015

What Do People at a Solar-Powered Music Festival Think of a Solar-Powered Music Festival?

We went to Melbourne’s Off The Grid festival to find out how sustainable is sustainable.

Rumors of Teen Gangs Fighting in the Streets Terrified Londoners Last Night

Last night, social media in the UK was ablaze with rumors of a riot brewing in Walthamstow, East London. VICE sent a reporter down to see what all the fuss was about.
Michael Segalov

We Asked Young Greeks What They Will Be Voting for this Sunday

Some will be voting yes to more austerity and being part of Europe, some will be voting no, and then there are those who will be going on holiday.
Pavlos Toubekis

We Asked Tourists In Paris If They Noticed the Eiffel Tower Was 'Shrouded in Smog'

According to international media, Paris is now "more polluted than Shanghai and London."
Félix Macherez

Do Greeks and Germans Actually Hate Each Other?

The economic relationship between the two countries has been strained in recent years, so we asked young people in Berlin and Athens for their perspective.
Melpomeni Maragkidou and Matern Boeselager
Question Of The Day

Hey UK, Are You Glad That Margaret Thatcher Is Dead?

Britain's first female prime minister passed away this morning after a stroke, leaving a relatively mixed legacy behind. I wanted to see whether a mention of the Iron Lady still manages to provoke as visceral a response in death as it did when she was...
VICE Staff
Question Of The Day

Hey, Did You Hear the Pope Resigned?

Pope Benedict XVI resigned on Monday, which seemed like an odd thing to do, considering a pope's resignation usually goes hand-in-hand with the day they stop breathing. We wondered whether anyone in London knew or cared about it.
VICE Staff