'Crust Lord,' Today's Comic by Anya Davidson

A wandering Crust Lord has to say on the move after stealing an evil witch's skeleton key.


Being a Beach Vendor Gets you Death Threats and a Killer Tan

Selling treats at the beach isn't all surfing and popsicles.


'The Third Quadrant, So Far,' Today's Comic by Brian McCray

Things get a little trippy when a captain and his second-in-command realize they've been in outer space for too long.


How To Make A Regular Car Self-Driving In Three Days

Turning a new Ford into a robot vehicle has never been easier.


This Guy Tried to Run Across the Ocean in a Plastic Bubble and It Was a Disaster

He first tried and failed in 2014, and now he has tried and failed again.


300 Interactive Paper Boats Light Up A London Dockyard

Aether and Hemera, Claudio Benghi, and Gloria Ronchi create an illuminated flotilla.


Seeing the Strangest Light at the Bottom of the Earth

One-hundred years ago today, a five-man team of Norwegian explorers ""trudged through fog, bitter cold and lacerating wind"": to mark the...