Voyager 1


Voyager 2 Joins Its Twin in Interstellar Space

The probe crossed the heliopause, the boundary between the heliosphere and the interstellar medium, on November 5.
Becky Ferreira

These Could Be The First Things Aliens Hear From Earth

Listen to the smooth sounds of ancient Akkadian from humanity's time capsule.
Alix Jean-Pharuns
New York

The Four Best Suspects for Life in Our Solar System

Mars and Europa are givens, but the other two may surprise you.
Becky Ferreira

How Seven Amateur Astronomers Recreated The First Timelapse Of Jupiter

Astronomy hobbyist Peter Rosén couldn’t afford to launch a space probe, but that didn't stop him and a team of citizen astronomers from recreating the 1970s Voyager 1 flyby footage of Jupiter.
Becky Chung
Motherboard Blog

NASA's Voyager Data Is Now a Musical

Listen to a classical duet made of measurements from the far-out spacecrafts.
Victoria Turk
Motherboard Blog

Stop Saying Voyager 1 Has Left the Solar System

Voyager 1 is the uncharted waters of interstellar space—for real this time. But it hasn’t really left the Solar System, a detail that’s bound to cause some confusion.
Amy Shira Teitel
Motherboard Blog

Voyager 1 Is Still Broadcasting As It Nears the Great Void

Voyager 1 is still on its way out of the Solar System and into unchartered interplanetary space.
Amy Shira Teitel
Motherboard Blog

At the Institute for Interstellar Studies, Researchers Unite to Conquer Deep Space

For six decades, warring factions of space nerds have toiled away on various plans for heading out into deep space to explore the stars.
Chris Hatherill