These Are the Top 5 Kinks in the US

Your kink may be more common than you think.


Gay Talese's Controversial Book Falls Apart in the Trailer for 'Voyeur'

The new documentary digs into the writer's relationship with a hotel owner who claims to have spied on his guests for decades.


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TURN Gallery commissioned a trio of dancers to activate Rachel Eulena Williams's artwork, 'Coco Currents.'


When 'Staged' Voyeur Porn Gets Too Real

To appeal to viewers who want a more "authentic" experience, some porn production companies are creating fake voyeur porn, in which actors pretend not to know they're being filmed doing explicit acts. But advocates fear that it's impossible to...


Unsecured Webcam Film Turns Real Life into 'The Truman Show'

Kindly let 'you-are-watching.me' give you the willies—or, just leave your webcam on.


Have Some Surveillance Fun in the Sun with 'SPLASH'

“We’re happily giving away our credit card information to people and yet we lock up our bicycles,” says artist William Betts.


These Photos Will Put Your Voyeurism to the Test

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Police Officers Charged with Spying on Naked Couples from Helicopter

This is not the first time the South Yorkshire Police Department has faced controversy.


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Belgian data artist Dries Depoorter exposes the tourist-voyeur in all of us.


​The Man Who Got 'Addicted' to Hacking Webcams

He watched people "basically engaging in cybersex," say the UK's National Crime Agency.


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Dustin Grella shares intimate stories, confessions, and poems with 'Animation Hotline."