Doug Rickard Documents America Through Recreated Snippets of YouTube Videos

Doug Rickard trawled through thousands of hours worth of amateur Youtube footage for his new project, "N.A."


Should Photographing Corpses Be Illegal?

In a world where photos of corpses can circulate around the internet and cause distress to grieving families, does it make sense to formally ban anyone taking pictures of dead bodies?


Is Slum Tourism Really All That Bad?

Going to Rio and drinking beer while ignoring the favelas doesn't make you a paragon of virtue. I guess the debate will continue, but it's safe to say it's more complicated than knee jerk cynicism will allow for.


Should We Look at and Share Photos of Dead Civilians in Gaza?

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed in the grimy bathroom of a bar when the image of an eight-year-old Palestinian boy came into focus.


I Took My Tinder Date to Montreal's Finest Peep Show

After taking a Tinder date to a porn theater for Valentine's Day, one of our interns in Montreal was eager to continue his sexually adventurous dating endeavors. So, this time he took a date to what is colloquially known as a "jack shack."


I Used Unsecured Webcams to Take Photos of the Insides of People's Homes and Offices

We like to look at candid pictures of celebrities or people doing weird stuff, but when it's a normal guy eating breakfast, or a woman walking her dogs, there's a nagging thought that says, Maybe I shouldn't be witnessing this.


People Who Watch People Having Sex in the Park, and the Man Who Photographed Them

Kohei Yoshiyuki is a Japanese photographer best known for "The Park," a series of hilarious, depressing, and creepy photographs of people watching other people have sex in the public parks of 1970s Tokyo.