Verizon Didn’t Bother to Write a Privacy Policy for its ‘Privacy Protecting’ VPN

Verizon's 'Safe Wi-Fi' says it "protects your privacy and blocks ad-tracking," but its current privacy policy is a placeholder that says the exact opposite.


There's a Good Chance You Won't Get Local TV Networks on Hulu Live TV

Hulu's new streaming television services ticks plenty of boxes out of the gate, but live local channels may still prove elusive for some users.


Using a VPN Sucks

The problem isn’t just that VPNs aren’t great, it’s that Republicans have broken the damn internet.


Hackers Hit ‘Some’ Cisco Customers With Leaked NSA Hacking Tools

A month after the leak of some NSA hacking tools, Cisco found the first real world attack using the leaked exploits.


Researcher Grabs VPN Password With Tool From NSA Dump

An exploit included in the 'Shadow Brokers' dump targets a Cisco VPN appliance.


VPN Company Claims Russian Government Seized Its Servers

Private Internet Access pulls out of the country following new surveillance laws.


VPN WARS: Do Teens Care More About 'Pokémon Go' or Their AP Test Scores?

VPNs are probably trending because people want to play Poké​mon, not because teens can’t wait to see their AP test scores.


This Santa Claus Browser Plugin Stops Curious Kids from Learning the Truth

Keep Believing in Santa blocks search results and posts revealing the truth about Saint Nick.


Your Days Freeloading BBC iPlayer Videos With a VPN Are Over

Shows like Dr. Who will become off-limits to non-UK residents who have been skirting around iPlayer's geographic restrictions.


The UK's Piracy Battle Is an Ongoing Arms Race

The anti-piracy campaign ramps up, but how effective is it?


This App Lets China's Netizens Use Twitter Where It's Censored

FireTweet, released last month by the team behind anti-censorship app Lantern, stores a variety of anti-blocking techniques.


The Most-Downloaded App in Turkey Lets Users Beat the Twitter Ban

AnchorFree's aim is to make every website you store information on "as secure as your bank."