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Waffle House is Tracking Hurricane Florence, and Yes, That Means it's Serious

Turns out everyone’s go-to spot for 3 AM hashbrowns is also an important part of both hurricane preparedness and recovery.
Jelisa Castrodale

Cop chokes black man at Waffle House after taking his sister to prom

Police are still investigating the matter.
Christianna Silva

What We Know About 'Sovereign Citizens' and the Waffle House Suspect

Travis Reinking reportedly identified with the extremist anti-government ideology more than once. Here's what that actually means—and doesn't.
Allie Conti
Mass Shootings

Nashville Waffle House shooter led police on rush-hour chase days before shooting

"This guy was not on our radar,” police said.
Christianna Silva
Mass Shootings

Nashville Waffle House shooting suspect arrested

Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed the arrest on Monday afternoon. ​
Christianna Silva
chain restaurants

Even Waffle House Has Got Itself a Sex Scandal in 2018

The wholesome breakfast chain is now entrenched in sex, lies, and videotape.
Jelisa Castrodale

Ever Heard of a 'Snow Taco'? We Hadn't, Either

One North Carolina reporter says that eating a Waffle House waffle stuffed with snow is totally a thing—in Georgia, or something.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Drunk Dude Makes Own Cheesesteak at Empty Waffle House

“I knew that delicious Texas bacon cheesesteak melt was just a few feet away, so I took spatula in hand and made it happen.”
Nick Rose
Holy Shit

Praise and Love Waffle House in Lil Durk's New Video for "Trap House" Featuring Young Dolph and Young Thug

Is your trap house a waffle house?
John Hill

A Man Destroyed a Waffle House Because They Raised Their Biscuit Prices

Waffle House employees said the man was loud, upset, and belligerent after receiving his check and finding out that the price of the sausage biscuit had been raised to $1.50 from $1. On his way out, he smashed through the front door.
Alex Swerdloff
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Taco Bell and Broken Hymens

My relationship with Brad started at Taco Bell. Taco Bell was a big part of our love. Fast food was a huge aspect of my relationship with Brad in general. For example, after Brad broke my hymen, we decided to go to the Waffle House. This is when our...
Sophie Saint Thomas