Life Advice from the Legendary Parisian Waiter Who Has Served More Famous Artists Than You

"We had to hide bottles of alcohol under the tablecloths so they wouldn't steal them."
Félix Macherez

In the Age of Trump, the Service Industry Must Adapt to Nonstop Politics

You can't escape The Donald at your local dive bar anymore.
Eric Kingrea
Organized Crime

I Worked in a Mob Restaurant

We spoke to a waiter who spent the summer working in a restaurant known as much for its organized crime clientele as for its food.

Olive Garden Waiter Fired for Pretending to Have Cancer to Get Better Tips

The server was let go when reports emerged of him taking very generous tips after spinning some yarn about how he required cancer treatment.
Nick Rose
Restaurant Confessionals

This Is Why Relationships in Hospitality Never Work

Hospitality is such a tough bunch of hours that it’s hard to ever actually meet up. I couldn’t even get sexting to work—it really doesn’t flow if you have hour-long gaps between each filthy message.

Waiter Charged for Serving Salmon to Customer with Deadly Seafood Allergy

At the hospital, the diner who had unknowingly eaten the salmon “developed complications,” and the next day had a heart attack, after which he fell into a coma that lasted two days.
Charley Lanyon

A Waiter Can Only Smile So Much Before He Snaps

Yes, of course you deserve a glass of water with your meal. And yes, you ought to get another round of drinks before your entrees arrive. But cut this overworked waiter some slack before decides to cut you instead.
Michael Marsicano

Why Waiters Are Racing Through London's Soho with Trays of Prosecco

London’s Soho Waiters Race dates back to the 1950s and sees local waitstaff run through the streets holding a bottle of fizz balanced on a tray. “The waiters are part of the community,” explains race volunteer Tim Baros. “We want to build relationships...
سامانثا ريا
Restaurant Confessionals

Being a Chef Made Me a Sex Addict

Before I started working in kitchens, I was a bookish design student. But the long, demanding hours on the line kept me from regular romantic relationships and I became someone who craved nothing but hot, quick, sweaty sex at the end of service.
Munchies Staff
Restaurant Confessionals

How I Watched My Manager Lose Herself to the Hospitality Industry

The thing with all the drinking and general lack of care that can come in the hospitality world is that it hid the fact that my manager was depressed and had been diagnosed as bi-polar.

‘Menu-Hacking’ Picky Eaters Are Taking Over Britain’s Restaurants

A new survey of British diners has found that 57 percent would ask for a dish to be adapted when eating out and 28 percent order dishes that aren't even on offer. Apparently it’s called “menu hacking.”
Phoebe Hurst

Cocaine in the Tiramisu: What I Saw Working for a Restaurant Run by the Polish Mafia

Orgies, beatings, and shifty-eyed teenage boys in tracksuits—my time waitressing at the Yangtze was a big, fat cliché.
Szymon Duch*