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Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and the ACLU won their suit to overturn unconstitutional restrictions on abortion rights in the state.


Woman Faces Three Felony Charges for Attempted Coat Hanger Abortion

In 2015, Anna Yocca tried to self-induce an abortion with a coat hanger. After spending nearly a year in jail, she's scheduled to be arraigned today—and activists say her case illuminates the dangerous reality for women living in states with harsh...


Judge Throws Out Satanic Temple's Lawsuit Against Insane Abortion Restrictions

The suit claimed that Missouri's 72-hour abortion waiting period violated a Satanic Temple member's religious freedom. Nearly a year after it was filed, a judge dismissed it on the grounds that the plaintiff was no longer pregnant.


What It's Like to Endure a Forced Waiting Period Before Your Abortion

Louisiana is poised to become the fifth state that requires women to wait 72 hours before getting an abortion. But women say this doesn't stop them from getting the procedure—it just denies them control over their bodies and creates an unnecessary...