Tips for Saving Money When You Get Paid in Cash

Having a tough time saving those fat cash tips from your summer job? It’s easy to blow your money on booze and weed, but there are tricks of the trade to avoid wasting your wages—while still having a good time.
Gina Ragusa
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Watch a Waitress Take Down a Creep Who Groped Her

Justice was served.
Nicole Clark

Thief Hands Waitress Her Own Stolen Credit Card To Pay His Bill

*face palm*
Jelisa Castrodale
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Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Waitress

"A guest once poured champagne over her food and threw sushi around the restaurant. When I asked her what the problem was, she said, 'I've got so much money I could buy your life.'"
Rebecca Baden
Restaurant Confessionals

Why I Only Sleep with Bartenders

"Every single person I’ve slept with for the last four years is a narcissist with a drinking problem."

Pizza Hut Waitress No Longer Homeless, Thanks to Amazing Customer

“That tip absolutely changed my life."
Jelisa Castrodale
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This Is Why Relationships in Hospitality Never Work

Hospitality is such a tough bunch of hours that it’s hard to ever actually meet up. I couldn’t even get sexting to work—it really doesn’t flow if you have hour-long gaps between each filthy message.
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How I Feel As a Bar Waitress When You Sexually Harass Me

The things that make me the most uncomfortable are the people who whisper in my ear or take me aside, or tell me to come to talk to them privately. I can’t imagine how terrifying it would be to have the things that happen to me as a waitress happen to...

Why Waiters Are Racing Through London's Soho with Trays of Prosecco

London’s Soho Waiters Race dates back to the 1950s and sees local waitstaff run through the streets holding a bottle of fizz balanced on a tray. “The waiters are part of the community,” explains race volunteer Tim Baros. “We want to build relationships...
سامانثا ريا
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Being a Chef Made Me a Sex Addict

Before I started working in kitchens, I was a bookish design student. But the long, demanding hours on the line kept me from regular romantic relationships and I became someone who craved nothing but hot, quick, sweaty sex at the end of service.
Munchies Staff

This Restaurant Was Fined for Dressing Waitresses in Bikinis

An unnamed restaurant in Hanoi was fined last week for having waitresses who were dressed only in bikinis serve drinks to customers.
Alex Swerdloff
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How I Watched My Manager Lose Herself to the Hospitality Industry

The thing with all the drinking and general lack of care that can come in the hospitality world is that it hid the fact that my manager was depressed and had been diagnosed as bi-polar.