The Walmart Subreddit Has Been Flooded With Pro-Union Memes

r/walmart is suddenly a bastion of worker solidarity and socialism.
Edward Ongweso Jr
california wildfires

California wildfires could usher in a "new wave of homelessness"

California already has the highest homeless population of any state.
Tess Owen
summer jobs

People Told Us Their Worst Summer Jobs in Six Words

“Temp job: clown at waterbed store.”
Anna Goldfarb
VICE News Tonight on HBO

GPS blamed for sending trucks crashing into this tiny Arkansas town

Drivers across the world put blind faith in GPS navigation, sometimes with disastrous results. In rural Arkansas, a town is reeling from a series of tractor-trailer crashes along its steep and winding roads -- because GPS makes it look like an easy...
Elspeth Reeve

Walmart Is Exploiting Our Love of Bananas to Lure Us Through Its Stores

They are experimenting with ways to use bananas to lure people to the back of the store, so they’ll shop more.
Alex Swerdloff
Internet Exploring

Good News! Walmart Fixes Everything by Playing Less Canadian Music

The first step in making sure your employees are happy is to not play any more Celine Dion or Justin Bieber.
Jabbari Weekes

The Shrimp in Your Scampi Are Still Being Caught By Burmese Slaves

According to a new investigative report, the slaves at Indonesian seafood farms often work 22-hour shifts, and are starved, beaten, and locked in cages.
Hilary Pollack
Opinion and Analysis

The Ferguson Riots Are Not a Shift Away from Peace, They're a Challenge to Violence

Property destruction and looting after cops kill teens are not senseless or distracting — that's what fighting back looks like.
Natasha Lennard