Want to Know Who Partied at Stonehenge? Look at the Pig Bones

Some 4,500 years ago, the ticket to a megalithic party was a pig from your local farm.
Becky Ferreira

Dad Shoves Kid Goalie to Make a Save

Sometimes, just standing around on the sidelines isn't enough. You've got to get a piece of the action.
Liam Daniel Pierce
the amazing race

The Race That Pairs Humans Against Horses

We watched 1,000 people race a bunch of horses 21 miles across mid-Wales to find out who would win.
Harry Harris
Internet Exploring

Welsh Killers Show Almost Ruined by Lack of Toilets, Fans Peeing Everywhere

A Killers concert in Swansea had no toilets for general admission concertgoers, resulting in fans missing large portions of the set to pee on a fence outside the venue.
Phil Witmer

Wales Is Leading the Way in LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Education

It just became one of the first countries in the world to enforce inclusive changes to the curriculum that will be rolled out in 2022.
Gina Tonic
dining out

Inspiring: This Woman Was Banned from a Restaurant for Complaining Too Much

"It would be appropriate if you would kindly refrain from visiting the restaurant in future,” a letter from a steakhouse to Wales resident Kelly Smith read.
Mayukh Sen

Drones and Fishing Lines Are Bringing Broadband to Remote Villages

Openreach, a British infrastructure delivery company, came up with the idea to deal with tricky terrain.
Kaleigh Rogers
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Happy Halloween: A Bunch of Octopuses Are Creeping onto Beaches While You Sleep

"It was a bit like an end of days scenario."
River Donaghey

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Professional Pizza Taster?

There's finally an opening for what might just be the most desirable occupation in the world.
Nick Rose
VICE Long Reads

A Fateful Hunt for a Buried Stash of the Greatest LSD Ever Made

In the 1970s, a quiet pocket of rural Wales became the psychedelic hub of the world. We went back in search of the chemists, dealers, and thousands of hidden blotters.
Joe Zadeh
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Drunk Guy Became the First to Swim Across the Hoover Dam and Live

"I don't have any regrets. I even have a tattoo saying 'no regrets.' That's the type of person I am."
River Donaghey
Cyber terrorism

Inside the Site Teaching Islamic State Supporters How to Use Encryption

A 34-year-old man from Cardiff was arrested for creating videos offering cybersecurity tips that were then posted on an Islamic State supporter site.
Joseph Cox