Wayfair Workers Are Outraged the Company Is Selling Furniture to “Border Camps”

They're planning to walk off the job Wednesday, according to an unverified Twitter account.
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Teacher walkouts

Arizona teachers are so pissed about their pay, they organized their state's first walkout

Average teacher pay in Arizona is thousands less than the national average.
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gun violence

Use Today's Walkout to Discuss How Gun Violence Affects the Black Community

Shandra, a sophomore at a public school in Manhattan, tells us why she organized her school's walkout.
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Educators say Oklahoma teacher salary increase bill is too little too late

They plan to walk out of work on April 2.
Jay Kang
Oklahoma teachers

Oklahoma teachers are fed up and walking out on April 2. Here's why.

“I know more teachers than not who have to have second or third jobs,” said a high school teacher who works on the side to make ends meet.
Chelsey B. Coombs
Kathleen Caulderwood
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Dylann Roof's Sister Arrested for Bringing Weapons and Weed to School

A resource officer busted her with a knife and pepper spray on the same day as the National School Walkout.
Drew Schwartz
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These Two Students Were the Only Ones to Walk Out of Their School

“I was being recorded and laughed at, but I had to remind myself that I was fighting for what I believe in, and that it doesn't matter what they think of me.”
Kimberly Lawson
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A High School Teacher's Gun Went Off During a Gun Safety Lesson

And it wasn't even the only accidental shooting that happened at a school that day.
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What It Was Like to Organize the Walkout at My School Today

"What happened in Florida could be something that happens to me—the sad fact is a shootout could happen any day."
Linda Yang

Meet the Bronx Teen Organizing the Mass Student Walkout in NYC

Though still in high school, Hebh Jamal has spent the last two years actively fighting Islamophobia. In the week since Donald Trump signed an executive order banning people from seven majority Muslim countries, Jamal has put her effort into organizing...
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Inside the Walkout That Ended Bernie Sanders's Revolution

As Hillary Clinton officially won the nomination, the Bernie Sanders movement fractured and made one last stand in front of the media at the Democratic National Convention.
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