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The early math from Apple News+ isn't looking so hot for the media

Apple News+ could fill just a fraction of the tens of billions in annual revenue that the media industry has lost to tech giants.


“Keep your Marxist hands off Gritty”: WSJ writer fumes over allegations that a furry mascot is antifa

The 7-foot Philadelphia Flyers icon has become a mascot for the left.


Kavanaugh blames the “vicious allegations” for his angry performance

The nominee said the allegations about his conduct in high school and college have been “ridiculously distorted.”


EPA security forcibly removed a reporter from a public event on toxic chemicals

“She said she was not hurt, but she was actually physically touched,” one source told VICE News.


'New York Times' Sues Scammer Who Pretended to Be a Reporter

Contessa Bourbon met with major politicians and even printed her own bogus business cards, according to the suit.


The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media

The revenue of internet stars is being affected by a massive clash of cultures—and it's only going to get more vicious.


Is Porn Really Turning Us into Craven Sexless Zombies?

America's political and religious leaders are issuing dire warnings about the damaging effects of pornography—warnings that aren't backed up by the science.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hillary Clinton gets a commanding lead in the polls, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson sues the police and city of Baton Rouge, and more.


Men Bravely Share Their True Feelings on Cargo Shorts

"I think they are the most abhorrent item of clothing a man could wear."


My Journey Inside the Incredible 'Wall Street Journal' Article About Cargo Shorts and the Women Who Hate Them

Normal pants have four pockets. When do you need more pockets than that? How many hybrid multitools are you dads carrying around at once?


WSJ Reporter: Homeland Security Tried to Take My Phones at the Border

The case highlights just how powerful border agents purport to be.