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The Price of Filming Police Violence

People who filmed high-profile videos of the police killings of Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and others say they have faced retaliation and harassment.
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Viral Black Death: To Watch or Not to Watch

The inner debate on the sharing of black death. It’s complicated.
Noel Ransome

Cops Won't Stop Killing

Walter Scott's killer pleaded guilty in South Carolina around the same time the feds decided not to press charges over Alton Sterling's death in Louisiana.
Matt Taylor
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The Cop Who Shot Walter Scott Just Pleaded Guilty to Federal Charges

Michael Slager pleaded guilty to using excessive force Tuesday, despite escaping conviction in state court last December.
Lauren Messman

What Went Wrong in the Case Against Walter Scott's Killer?

Reformers and experts point to the makeup of the jury and a history of police escaping accountability in America.
Allie Conti
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A Judge Just Declared a Mistrial in the Walter Scott Case

Despite video evidence clearly showing the 50-year-old black man was shot and killed while fleeing, a mostly white jury couldn't agree to convict the white former cop who did the deed.
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What Defense Will Walter Scott's Killer Use at His Trial?

Michael Slager was caught on video shooting unarmed black man Walter Scott as he fled. Here's what the ex-cop's lawyers are doing to try to spare him serious prison time.
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It's Still Not Clear How Many Police Departments Actually Use Body Cameras

Video footage is integral to holding police accountable for brutality, but there’s no data on how many cameras are in use.
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Behold the Poetry of Sir Walter Scott as a Projection-Mapped Timelapse

Double Take Projections remembers the 1715 Jacobite rising.
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