War crimes


Under Siege Inside Idlib — The Last Rebel Stronghold In Syria

“It’s an indescribable fear”


Myanmar's Military Is Still Committing War Crimes Against the Rohingya

An Amnesty International report says the army has carried out extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and torture.


Germany's top Nazi prosecutor says there's not enough evidence to charge the 95-year-old ICE just deported

“There is no ongoing investigation or arrest warrant against him in Germany.”


Chemical weapons inspectors still haven't accessed Douma

An inspection remains up in the air after a U.N. security team fell under gunfire and explosions Wednesday


Families of victims of Europe's worst massacre since WWII finally get justice

Along with Bosnian war criminal Praljakwho killed himself at The Hague, genocidal General Ratko Mladic was sentenced to life imprisonment. Now the families of the victims of Europe's worst mass killing since WWII are getting justice.


Why the "Butcher of Bosnia" is now a convicted war criminal

He did not take the sentencing well. As the judge read his verdict, Mladic demanded a toilet break, during which his blood pressure was taken three times before the defense counsel asked for the hearing to be suspended.


Syria's war criminals could get away with it

Syria's war criminals could get away with it


The VICE News Guide to the World — Week of September 4

This year’s outbreak was more deadly than almost every previous outbreak combined.


Why war crimes go unpunished


Trump threatened Syria, but apparently forgot to tell the Pentagon

The White House press office shot off a harsh and sudden warning to Bashar al-Assad, who they believed was planning another chemical attack on Syria’s people, warning the Syrian strongman to expect a “heavy price” if he followed through on any alleged...