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Games Have Always Tried to Whitewash Nazis as Just 'German Soldiers'

Badass is not the same thing as bad.
Rob Zacny
a minute ago

GMT Games Already Make Great Tabletop Wargames, Now They're Going Digital

Some of the best wargame design of the last twenty years might finally arrive on PC thanks to a partnership between GMT and Playdek.
Rob Zacny

How to Get Into Our Favorite Fandoms

It's a Waypoint Radio to remember!
Danielle Riendeau
Her Story

'#WarGames,' the Interactive Reimagining of the Iconic Nuclear Thriller, Is Mostly a Gimmick

Sam Barlow's part game, part television show adds up to something I don't want to watch or play.
Matthew Gault
Close Combat

The Best Psychological Wargames of the 1990s Were Just Re-Released

The greatest games of the Close Combat series have returned on GOG.
Rob Zacny
Burden of Command

Meet the Developers Behind a Wargame About People, Not Weapons

'Burden of Command' looks at a familiar battlefield from an new and novel angle.
Ian Boudreau

How I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse Only To Wind Up In Federal Prison

'Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos,' a combination of LARP and board game, was played across five different countries with hundreds of players.
John Brindle
Battlestar Galactica

It Took 10 Years, But We Finally Have a Good 'Battlestar Galactica' Game

It's got the great look, style, and tactics of the show. The only thing missing is the heart.
Rob Zacny
Gettysburg: The Tide Turns

'Gettysburg: The Tide Turns' Shows How a Map Makes the Game

In genre that's about bringing history to life, this wargame is putting on a clinic.
Rob Zacny
The Operational Art of War

A Wargaming Titan of the 90s Is Finally Making Its Return

'The Operational Art of War' isn't just one game, but a construction kit for many great ones.
Rob Zacny
Afghanistan 11

'Afghanistan ’11' and the Forever Wargame

Winning hearts and minds in a war that never ends.
Rob Zacny