Twilight of the Bomb

One of the last surviving Manhattan Project scientists returns to the crater of the first nuclear bomb on its 70th birthday.


Excessive Candy Consumption Is Giving Children Burns and Seizures

Turns out your mom was right: too much candy is bad for you. But she didn't say that licorice and sour suckers would cause bloody tongue blisters and seizures.


America's Aging Nuclear Arsenal and the 'Earth-Shattering Kaboom'

When no one is sure whether the other guy's nuclear weapons will actually work, everyone is more likely to use their own nuclear weapons against the other guy.


The Army Is 3D Printing Warheads

While homebrew plastic guns make headlines, one of the most powerful and deadly organizations in the world is using the same technology to build better weapons of mass destruction on the cheap.


Say 'Do Svidaniya' to the Program That Turned Soviet Nukes Into American Electricity

Enemies can become cheap uranium suppliers.


The Cuban Missile Crisis Was Worse Than We Thought

Until now, the layers of the so-called nuclear "order of battle" have gone largely unexamined in one of the most examined international crises in history.