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Donald Glover Is Obviously the Best Choice to Play Willy Wonka

The actor is on the shortlist for the role, alongside Ryan Gosling and Ezra Miller.
River Donaghey
Loot Boxes

‘Shadow of War’ Developers Admit Microtransactions ‘Undermined the Heart of Our Game’

Monolith is removing in-game purchases and re-working the game’s final act.
Matthew Gault
New music

Saweetie's Icy Raps Are Reclaiming What It Means to Be High Maintenance

The Bay Area rapper is crafting anthems for getting out of your feelings and into your bag in her debut EP, ‘High Maintenance.’
Kristin Corry
Beyond Stereotypes

How 'Injustice 2' Advances the Visual Design of Its Female Characters

Are we scratching our way out of the uncanny valley?
Kevin Wong
injustice 2

Superman Is a Total Dick in 'Injustice 2,' And It's Glorious

Supes is a real jackass in this game.
Cameron Kunzelman
Noisey News

Universal Is Attempting to Cancel Their $31 Million Deal with Prince's Estate

The label accuses the late artist's estate of fraudulent inducement.
Lawrence Burney

'Blade Runner 2049' Is Here, and It Looks Kickass

The two-minute trailer, just released, features appearances by Jared Leto, Robin Wright, and Dave Bautista.
Nathaniel Ainley
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The 'Matrix' Reboot No One Asked for Is Coming

Warner Bros. is said to be eyeing Michael B. Jordan to star.
VICE Staff
Holy Shit

Prepare for a Whole Bunch of Unreleased Prince Tracks and a Remastered 'Purple Rain'

Warner Brothers announced the packages on the same day that the artist's classic albums hit streaming services.
Alex Robert Ross
Asheron's Call

As 'Asheron's Call' Nears Death, One Designer Looks Back

After 17 years, the curtain is closing on 'Asheron's Call.' A lot can happen in nearly two decades.
Patrick Klepek
Noisey News

Get Ready To Cry Purple Tears Because Prince's Catalog is Coming to Streaming Services

FINALLY, I can weep along to "Purple Rain" on the bus whenever I want!
Lauren O'Neill

The 74-Year-Old Grandpa Who Doesn't Want 'Asheron's Call' to Shut Down

After 17 years of playing, Turbine's fantasy MMO isn't just a place to fight dragons; it's a place to hang out with longtime friends.
Patrick Klepek