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Jonah Hill Tells Us Why ‘Above The Rim’ Is the Greatest Movie Soundtrack Ever

The writer and director of 'Mid90s' shares his love for Nate Dogg and why he decided not to release a physical version of the film's soundtrack.
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Listening to Jaden Smith Talk Is Always Worth Your Time

Tune into episode 158 this Sunday at 11 AM EST/8AM PST and 11 PM EST/8 PM PST when Warren G and Donovan Carter and Kris D. Lofton of 'Ballers' join Noisey Radio on Beats 1.
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Warren G Ain't Trippin, Ain't Mad, and Is Forever Hip-Hop's Unsung Legend

We sit down with the G-funk great to talk his new documentary, the birth of West Coast rap, and his legacy beyond "Regulate."
Torii MacAdams
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Warren G Butchers "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at a Cubs Game

Warren G did not regulate with this one.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Festivals 2015

At Beach Goth 4, It's Halloween Every Day

Stroll through the bizarre world of costumes, circle pits, and Pauly Shore. Plus, a surprise set from Warren G!
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Warren G Breaks Down the Stories of Some of His Favorite West Coast Rap Songs

Everyone’s talking about N.W.A., Dr. Dre just put out a new album, and Nate Dogg is singing all over a new EP from Warren G. In honor of it being like the 90s again, we asked Warren G about, well, the 90s.
Kyle Kramer

Rap Monster Is Proving Assumptions About Korean Idol Rappers Wrong

It's time to start taking the breakout star of BTS seriously as a rapper.
Blanca Méndez
The DOs & DON'Ts Issue

How to Grow Up in Long Beach

Ten years after its release, it's time to officially recognize Warren G's "Regulate" as hands-down one of the finest moments in music history.
Busta Nut