Warren Jeffs


Polygamist Cult Leader Lyle Jeffs Caught by FBI After a Year on the Run

Jeffs, a bishop in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, had escaped after being arrested for alleged food-stamp fraud last year.


What Life Is Like After Leaving a Notorious Mormon Polygamist Sect

VICE meets three young women who explain why they left Warren Jeffs's Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and talk about the struggle to build a new life.


The Long Search for the Missing Child Brides of a Mormon Polygamist Sect

Inside the investigation into the cross-border pipeline used to transport the underage wives of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.


A Polygamist Cult Has Been Running a Major Food Stamp Scam

Leaders of a polygamous community there were among eleven people charged with food-stamp fraud and money laundering.


A Food Stamp Fraud Case Could Bring Down a Polygamous Sect of the Mormon Church

Federal prosecutors have indicted 11 top leaders of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on charges of money laundering and fraud.


Polygamist Mormon Sect Accused of Using Local Police to Bully Non-Members

Two US towns settled by fundamentalist Mormons are being sued by the Department of Justice for systematically discriminating against non-fundamentalist residents.


In the Fundamentalist Mormon Church Rape Is the Only Path to Childbirth

We spoke to a law professor who conducted in-depth interviews with FLDS survivors about the abuses women face in the church. These include the "seed bearer" ritual, in which only chosen men are permitted to have sex with the cult's women.


Search Is On for Survivors of Deadly Flood in US Polygamous Stronghold

A flash flood warning is in place until noon on Tuesday, but rescue crews and search teams are still scouring the area with tracking dogs and drones.


Infamous Canadian Polygamist Fights Latest Round of Criminal Charges

The current charge is the latest in a long and complicated series of failed attempts by the British Columbia government to convict Winston Blackmore and other spiritual leaders in Bountiful, a religious commune in southern BC.


Komplaint Dept. - Manson vs. Mormon, and the Brides of Frankenstein

What's the connection between the Mormon Church's founder, Joseph Smith, and the geriatric but still notorious and imprisoned Charles Manson? There are lots of them.


Arizona Attorney General Asks Judge to Disband Police Force in Polygamist Community

Documents submitted Tuesday say the US Marshal's office for two communities acts as the "de facto" law enforcement arm of the FLDS church.