'Finest Treasure,' Today's Comic by Zach Cunningham

A weird kind gives a valiant warrior an odd gift.


How Onna-Bugeisha, Feudal Japan's Women Samurai, Were Erased From History

While most Japanese women were subject to rigid social expectations of domesticity, onna-bugeisha women warriors who were known to be to be every bit as strong, capable, and courageous as their male counterparts


Japan Is Apparently Struggling to Meet Its Ninja Quota

One squad's manager says there's now a "ninja shortage" thanks to a boost in tourism.


Steve James Teams Up with LIGHTS for the Expletive-Laced "Warrior"

Bit of a banger from this 18-year-old production wiz who's Grammy nominated for his work on Bieber's 'Purpose.'


Jammz's "Right Now" Is the Existential Grime Banger We Need Right Now

"It's ironic that if you want to keep hold of your sanity, you gotta be numb right now"


New M.I.A. Tracks Debut Swordfighting Indian Girls and African Street Dancers

Listen to “Swords" for the first time, and see the music video for “Warriors” premiere today on Apple Music.