fish and ships

The Military Wants Genetically-Modified Sea Creatures to Snitch on Enemy Ships

Critics of the militarization of marine life say the problem with a new DARPA program is moral, not practical.
David Axe
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A Chinese Warship Stole an Unmanned American Drone in the South China Sea

The unmanned, underwater vehicle was reportedly measuring oceanic activity in the region when a small crew from the Chinese warship swooped in and stole it in front of the US crew.
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Donald Trump

Why Trump's Plan for a 350-Ship Navy Doesn't Hold Water

His call for the biggest build-up of the US Navy in 30 years would cost hundreds of billions of dollars at a time when he's vowed to also cut taxes.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama warns against "crude" nationalism across the world, an advisor claims the Trump team is considering a Muslim registry, "post-truth" is chosen as word of the year by Oxford, and more.
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Drones Will Forever Change How Pirates Operate on the High Seas

“For the first time, non-state adversaries would have an air force.”
Jordan Pearson

This Street Art Lives on Rotating Cement Trucks

Painter Andrea Bergart transforms monstrous cement trucks into moving murals.
Nathaniel Ainley

Why Is Russia Trading Warplanes for Beef?

You don't often see major powers bartering food staples for weapons systems, but the recent move by Vladimir Putin is actually a savvy bit of strategic thinking.
Mark Hay

The Gibraltar Standoff Is About More Than Fishing and Cigarettes

While the chest-puffing scenes of Spanish fishing "armadas" facing off against British warships has been good fun from a media point of view, it's detracted from the real issue surrounding the tension: the Spanish government is trying to hide from the...
Paul Geddis