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Senator in epicenter of U.S. measles outbreak thinks the vaccine isn't safe. (She's wrong.)

State Sen. Lynda Wilson also suggested requiring visitors to the U.S. be vaccinated against measles.
Arielle Duhaime-Ross

A 4-year-old shot his pregnant mom in the face after finding a gun under the mattress

It's the fourth recent shooting involving a very young child
Tess Owen

Washington just became the second state to ban the NRA’s “murder insurance”

The policies sold are deceptive and dishonest. I would be remiss as the state’s insurance regulator if I didn’t shut them down.”
Tess Owen
Late Capitalism

This Is How People Can Actually Afford to Live in Seattle

"If I was trying to save money and live where I live, I literally couldn’t go out and do anything.”
Matt Pentz
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The Oil Industry Spent Millions to Kill an Anti-Pollution Measure

BP America, Chevron USA, and the Koch brothers were among those who spent $31 million to defeat the ballot initiative.
VICE Staff

The website uploading 3D printed gun blueprints has gone dark

A federal judge in Seattle, Washington, issued a restraining order against the site Tuesday night.
Tess Owen
Rise Up

Washington's Newly Signed Voting Rights Act Empowers Communities of Color

The state admitted to weakening Latino votes based on racist practices. Now, it's committed to change.
Kimberley Richards
school shootings

How another school massacre was stopped a day before the Florida shooting

“I need to get the biggest fatality number I possibly can."
Rick Anderson
House Party

Here Are the Trump Country House Seats Democrats Are Trying to Retake

The latest installment of our preview of battleground districts in the 2018 midterms.
Robert Wheel
Life Inside

I Set a Defendant Free And Got Blamed When He Raped Someone

A judge explains how he decides whether to release someone before trial without bail—and how it can go bad.
Ronald Kessler

Jeff Sessions is using bogus weed stats, state officials say

“Misleading information does not produce good policy,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said.
Josh Marcus
domestic violence

This State Will Alert Domestic Violence Victims if Their Abuser Tries to Buy a Gun

Advocates explain how the legislation helps survivors of domestic violence better plan for their own safety and the safety of those closest to them.
Kimberly Lawson