Washington Wizards


Bradley Beal Still Has so Much Upside

He's never going to be James Harden, but when you scale his production against his age it always feels like there’s another tier the one-time All-Star is destined to crack.


Steph Curry Balled Out Last Night

Steph Curry dropped 51 points in three quarters against the Washington Wizards, and—horrifyingly—maybe we're just beginning to see his talents.


Swaggy P No-Showed Shooting Bet, So Gilbert Arenas Hit 95/100 3s Anyway

Arenas rolled up with a sack full of $100,000 in cash and proceeded to shoot the lights out.


Is John Wall Slowing Down or About to Speed Up?

A look into whether one of the NBA's quickest point guards has permanently lost a step.


The Roasting of John Wall

The Washington Wizards star looks like he's been, uh, enjoying his summer vacation.


What did the Clippers and Wizards Just Do?

Austin Rivers for Marcin Gortat is a strange deal that doesn't move the needle for either team. What happens next?


The John Wall Dilemma

A legitimate franchise player for the past five years, Wall's drawbacks are starting to catch up with the qualities that make him so great.


Toronto Raptors' Culture Shift Clear as Day in Playoff Opener

The Raptors trusted what worked so well for them during the regular season and exorcised their Game 1 demons with a win over the Wizards.


Dwight Howard Blows Kisses, Does Big Balls Dance after Sinking Free Throws

Wizards coach Scott Brooks thought he had a sure bet when he selected Howard to shoot the free throws, but he was wrong. And Dwight let him know.


Answers to Golden State and Cleveland Lie in the NBA's Upper-Middle Class

Rather than looking like long shots, the Wizards and the Rockets could potentially upend the Cavaliers and the Warriors as early as next year.


Wizards - Celtics Game 6 Was the 2017 Playoff Game We Deserve

The 2017 playoffs have played out to their cookie-cut narratives. Except for these two teams.


Avery Bradley is Not Not a Star

Opposing teams don't game plan to stop Boston's two-way watch dog. Maybe they should start.