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Desalination Produces 50 Percent More Toxic Brine Than Previously Thought

The world’s desalination plants, which use energy intensive processes to remove salt from water, produce enough toxic brine each year to cover all of Florida under a foot of water.
Daniel Oberhaus

Artificial Clouds in Shipping Containers May Be the Solution to the World’s Water Crisis

The Wood-to-Energy Deployed Water system pulls water from thin air by burning biomass and can produce enough water to meet the daily needs of 100 people.
Daniel Oberhaus

Cape Town Residents Tell Us What It's Like Living in the Shadow of 'Day Zero'

Facing a water shortage, residents can no longer wash their cars with municipal water. And bars are cutting frozen margaritas from the menu.
Jay Fleming
Livable Planet

Portland Hit Crisis Mode After Parasites Flooded City's Drinking Water

Residents learn the hard way after refusing treatment plant to save on the cost of water.
Seth Heller

Local Natives Dive Into the Colorado River Drought in New 'Earthworks' Clip

The new VICELAND series follows musicians confronting activist-friendly issues on journeys around the world.
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For Everyone Who Has No Idea Where the Hell Their Tap Water Comes From

We've got the answers.
Aaron Barksdale
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Flint Residents Filed a Lawsuit Against the EPA for More Than $700 Million

The latest water crisis lawsuit claims the federal agency knew about the issues with Flint's water back in 2014.
Lauren Messman

On the Front Lines with the Militias Trying to Save Libya from ISIS

Check out the trailer for our upcoming episode of 'VICE' on HBO, airing June 10 at 11 PM.
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What It's Like to Live Through Flint's Water Crisis When You Don't Speak English

For Flint's Spanish-speaking population, many of the warning signs about the lead water crisis have gone unnoticed.
Natalie Zarowny

A Mother’s Murder Reveals That Water Is Not Flint's Only Crisis

Sasha Bell, one of the first Flint mothers to file a lawsuit on behalf of her son, was murdered in her apartment last week.
Emma Bracy
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Michigan's Governor Is Going to Drink Flint Tap Water for a Month

Rick Snyder wants to show the people of Flint their water isn't dangerous anymore—as long as it's filtered.
Helen Donahue
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Flint's water crisis inquiry finds the state ignored warning signs, Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam appears in court in Brussels, John Kasich has refused to quit the race for the Republican presidential nomination, and more.
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