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Britain Will Have Water Shortages In 25 Years Thanks to Climate Change, Environment Chief Says

Climate change could bring about the “jaws of death,” says the head of the UK’s Environment Agency.
Sarah Emerson

Cape Town Residents Tell Us What It's Like Living in the Shadow of 'Day Zero'

Facing a water shortage, residents can no longer wash their cars with municipal water. And bars are cutting frozen margaritas from the menu.
Jay Fleming

Why It Really Sucks to Be a Chef in Venezuela Right Now

In Venezuela, water is cheaper than gas and the economy is in total chaos. In the midst of surging food prices, restaurants are feeling the pinch. I spoke to three of the greatest chefs in Caracas to find out how it's directly affecting their kitchens.
Luis Cobelo

Actually, Charlotte Church Might Be Right About Syria and Climate Change

The British singer was treated like a lunatic for saying climate change may be partly to blame for the country's civil war. But she may have a point.
Mike Pearl

Water Scarcity Is Helping Radicalize the Middle East

Militant and extremist groups exploit the region's escalating water shortage to gain power, loyalty, and legitimacy.
Alyssa Martino

A Severe Lack of Clean Water Is Killing Indigenous Children in Colombia

A weak government and a lack of public oversight have hampered efforts to help the Wayuu people in La Guajira deal with an ongoing water shortage that has turned into a full-on crisis
Victoria Mckenzie

A Train Derailment Stranded Mexican Migrants Who Were Trying to Make It to America

And more news from around the globe.
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